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The Franke Group of companies are ISO 14001-2004 certified. We view this environmental management classification within the ISO quality system as a validation of our ongoing awareness and concern for the world we live in. It is also viewed by us as a st arting place and not a destination. Just as quality and care-full environmental management are seen as twin values to be achieved and advanced in tandem. Every year our goal has been consistently to “Avoid, Reduce and Recycle.” To us this means that we work hard and sm art to stay clear of any wasteful or careless behaviors in our corporate policies and manufacturing and distribution practices. It means being on guard against any needless or wasteful use of resources. And it means insuring resources are treated respectfully and used productively to the natural end of their life cycle.

  • Between 2004 and 2006, we have reduced consumption of oil by 6116 kg.
  • By reducing emission of airborne particles by 2680 kg from 2004 to 2006 we have moved closer to attaining that cleaner air to which we aspire.
  • In 2005 we succeeded in reducing our corporate consumption of water by 1300 m3.

Our goal will be to continue to maintain product quality while reducing use of energy and other natural resources. Members of the Franke Group see themselves as the curators of product excellence and the stewards of the natural and human resources responsible for creating these products.

Franke’s mantra “Avoid, Reduce and Recycle” identifies the practical, day-to-day steps the group of companies is committed to taking in order to live up to its statement “The Environment is imp ortant to us.” How have we done this?


  • By reducing consumption of fresh water by 80% by utilizing waste water for our welding machines.
  • By reducing our use of electricity by 30% through techniques of heat recovery and the use of speed controlled pumps.
  • By reducing the use of detergents by 11% by enhancing filtration systems.
  • By reducing the use of natural gas and oil by 14% through optimized insulation of washing systems.


  • By removing 80% of hydrochloric acid through use of neutral detergents.
  • By reducing phosphates in dry sludge by 70% through phosphate reduction techniques.
  • By reducing fresh water consumption by 70% through aggressive systems of water recycling.


  • By reducing the use of electricity by 33% though the use of speed controlled pumps.
  • By reducing consumption of natural gas by 24% through the optimization of temperature in the drying zone.
  • By reducing the use of detergents by 19% through the use of the nano-fitration systems and fully automatic centrifuges.

Franke is a global company committed to regional manufacturing wherever that is attainable without compromising on excellence. When we can’t produce locally we often ship in bulk and package locally in order to reduce the number of shipping containers and fuel needed to reach our customers. Our tactical approach is always to ship products nested and without resource-rich individual packaging. We are committed to taking these steps to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing transportation and packaging costs.

From our perspective, providing well-designed and carefully manufactured products that help reduce waste and producing them in facilities and locations that are mindful of the environment we are taking positive steps to insure that our planet is better able to support a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability for this generation and the many to follow it. We look forward to being your p artners in this continuing effort.

ISO 14001 2004 is an environmental management standard. It specifies
a set of environmental management requirements for environmental
management systems. The purpose of this standard is to help all
types of organizations to protect the environment, to prevent
pollution, and to improve their environmental performance.

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