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>>Support > Cleaning Instructions  > Brass

Cleaning Instructions for Brass

This high quality Franke sink is made of solid brass. This sink is not coated with a lacquer finish and does require frequent polishing to maintain its appearance. (A lacquer finish can fail by chipping or scratching. The surface of the sink then becomes unsightly and discolors at these locations.) Brass is a soft material and scratches easily.

Recommended Daily Care
Brass will tarnish as part of the natural process of exposure to air and water. Wiping the sink dry with a soft cloth after every use will reduce the tarnishing and decrease the amount of polishing needed.

For Additional Shine
A brass polish can be used onc a month as needed. Franke recommends using a non-abrasive cleaner specifically suited for brass and copper (should not contain ammonia).

A protective wax finish can also be applied (non-abrasive auto wax) to help maintain the shine. As it wears away, the water will stop beading indicating time to clean and re-wax.

What To Avoid

  • Bleaches, strong alkalis (ammonia and caustic soda solution) drain cleaners, chlorine and other chemicals should not come in contact with your sink. If this occurs, rinse immediately.
  • Certain foods, when left for prolonged periods, can cause pitting and corrosion. Examples are citric fruit juices, salt, vinegar, mustard, pickles, and mayonnaise.
NOTE: Never store ammonia, chlorine or acid-containing liquids under the sink as vapors may cause stress corrosion.


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